Zoho Leaps Ahead, While Others Lag Behind!

by Karthik on November 26, 2007 · 2 comments


There exists a fundamental flaw in the way online Office Systems work, and that is the requirement of a Internet connection to use the online Office Suite. With the absence of Internet connection you just can’t create documents and edit, but that is all set to change with Zoho’s announcement of the addition of Offline Feature into Zoho Office Suite.

To use Zoho Writer in offline mode, just install Google Gears and restart your web browser. Then login to your Zoho account and click the link at the top that says ‘Go Offline.’

Google Gears browser extension is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Once you click the Go Offline link in Zoho, your browser will download all the documents you have saved on Zoho for offline editing. You can also create new documents, presentations, spreadsheets while you are offline. Once you are done with all the editing of documents, just click the Go Online button and everything will be synced back to your online Zoho document.

The offline mode in Zoho Office will prove very useful in places where Wi-Fi is expensive like in the hotel rooms or the airport lounge ‘ just connect to the internet, download the documents locally and then go offline to edit your documents on Zoho Office.

I am sure this killer feature of Zoho is going to give some tough competition to the recently launched Live Documents founded by Sabeer Bhatia of the Hotmail fame and of course Google’s own Google Docs.

I am sure, Google is working on something similar, but I don’t know when exactly Google Docs will get the Offline Capabilities.

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Innovations & interesting Ramblings November 27, 2007 at 9:44 am

Not sure why you call it a flaw when “online Office Systems” mean that they should be capable of working only online.If you can work on it offline as well, then they are no longer just online office systems.Probably one should coining a new term for those Two-in-one systems…where is O-Reilly?? :)


munggur November 28, 2007 at 8:10 pm

It’s a good thing that there is less border between offline and online. Therefore, user can work on both environtment. One thing to consider: speed of internet.


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