Yes or No

by Jack Weller on May 6, 2014


Yes or No is a free decision making app which can downloaded from the iTunes store. Will you use this app to work out if you will get this app? (tongue twister eh?)

Sometimes life throws you hard choices, and this is defiantly and app that could help you get through them. Friends going out to the cinema, buy you don’t know when to do because you have revision, simply go on this and let the magic of change decide for you. On the app, you wiggle a basketball around the screen, when you let go, the ball will roll and revert back to the middle – ¬†which is unfortunately poorly done, and give you a yes or no answer, its as simple a that, and it functions to expectation.

Problems, well the app could do a little more with its design, as a relatively new app, to not be iOS7 interfaced where the trend is a must is a bit of a disappointment.

However, if you need a quick Decision maker, look no further.


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