World Cup 2014 Match Reminder

by Jack Weller on July 2, 2014



With all the bustling activity of the world cup in this incredible football season, it can be easy to lose track of who is playing in what match at what time. This simple football utility app allows you to set reminders on your phone to alert you when a match will be happening, and the details of that match (who is playing, for example).

This is done with a flick of a switch and a setting of a time of your choosing, much like an alarm clock on your phone, but a little more football specific. The app is cleanly presented with blocky decals and smooth flat colours, which are the expected for modern apps, other then that, their is not much else one can say, the only problem is, you cant set the app to give you multiple reminders, lets say, every 15 minutes, its one time reminder, which is a little bit of a downfall, but does not hinder this handy app to much.


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