Wonder Slice

by Jack Weller on April 24, 2013


Wonder Slice is a Free game available on the apple store created by LEWIS QUAIFE. The game’s challenge is to guess what an image is that is obscured fully other then a small window space,  is it worth downloading?


Problems arose with this app from the minute I turned it on, I did not know what to expect, or what the objective would be. after being greeted by a menu with some locked options, I was surprised when I clicked the only available ‘Classic mode’ to be flung straight into game-play with no explanation of what to do, or how to play.

I had to back out of the app in its entirety- as the game has no option to return to the ‘main menu’, to read the apps description on the on-device store. The objective, why quite simple (despite not being made apparent in any way) was to guess what the image was on screen tat you could see in a tiny gap. However, there was nothing in the gap for me to see, just a blank space, which meant I would have to use some of the in game hint’s. After using several coins to take a hint, that didn’t help at all, I ended up using all my coins up to widen the gap, there was still nothing in my space. And there was nothing I could do.


The games ‘hints’ left me feeling more annoyed when I realised I had lost 10 coins for lousy help.

The problems didn’t stop therean awfully designed laggy keyboard. I had to tap letters multiple times in order to type a word. The delete button was just plain astonishing.  As I said earlier, once a ’Classic Mode’ game has been started, you can’t stop playing it without leaving the app. The user interface is astonishing, at the best of times. The game also contains one musical composition, that doesn’t explore anything exciting and is quite irritating. Did I mention that the game was also very boring and annoying. I suggest you avoid this app, even if its free, as there is no sense of fulfillment from playing it, and no rewards, other then the stress you are put under trying to work out what is happening.



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