Whoa! iPod Celebrates its 6th Birthday Today

by Karthik on October 23, 2007 · 2 comments

firstgenipodWell time flows a little too fast for Products we all love isn’t it. Well thats the same for the Apple iPod that since its launch 6 years ago has come to redefine the way we listen to our music. It was today that 6 years ago, Steve Jobs at a special event had introduced the iPod. At that point of time Apple iPod had met with a lot of criticism from a lot of people for doing something that was too silly for a company like Apple.

Here are a few comments from the Slashdot page that was published on the day Apple iPod was launched by our favorite CEO Steve Jobs,

 . No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

…until Apple releases their new line of pastel contact lenses: The iEye! [ducks]

"Unfortunately $400 is about twice as much as I’d want to pay for something the size of a pack of cards."
Damn straight! For four hundred smackaroos, I expect something at least as big and heavy as a brick!

Well reading at those comments at that time, who would have thought Apple iPod would be the product that was responsible for one of the biggest corporate comebacks in the entire world. Well here is the video where a Historic journey first began, redefining how we look at Apple in the current world, redefining how we look at music. 

Well a lot of has changed since the 1st gen iPod but even today the iPod has strong marketshare worldwide and I am sure it will continue to be the market leader for many more years. I just can’t wait for Apple to showcase all its new toys like the iPhone and the iPod Touch..

Come on guys its time to congratulate Steve today. Drop in your comments and tell us how you think the Apple iPod has redefined portable music.

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Innovations & interesting Ramblings October 24, 2007 at 10:56 am

Happy birthday ipod… that was one good innovation…


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