Webrunner now becomes Prism – A Mozilla Labs Project

by Karthik on October 26, 2007 · 2 comments

If you have read about our previous review of Webrunner over here at dailyApps then I am sure that you would have noticed that Webrunner has a lot of potential to do well for productivity freaks like me. Well Mozilla took a step in the right direction and has updated Webrunner to a new version and has decided to call it by a slick new name "Prism".


Well Apart from a new name, Webrunner aka Prism has also added a host of new features that should make Prism an exciting upgrade from Webrunner (well it was exciting enough for me!!)

  • CSS themes – Bundles now support common (all platforms) and OS specific CSS theme overrides. You can make web applications take on different CSS styles
  • Spell check support – Red squiggles and suggestions on the context menu.
  • Better external link handling – Spreadsheets from Google Docs were opening in the default browser.
  • Tooltips support – Prism now displays tooltips for elements with “title” attributes.
  • Copying hyperlinks – Context menu supports copying a link location, if you right click on a link.
  • More “Install Shortcut” options – Quick Launch Bar and Start Menu were added on Windows and Application folder was added on Mac.
  • “Install Web Application” – similar to the “Install Shortcut” dialog, but this will create a web application *without* needing a webapp bundle. Launching Prism without any parameters, or from the Start Menu or Finder, to activate the dialog.

Well here are some screenshots of Prism in action. Well Currently Prism is available for Windows only but you can expect Prism for OSX and Linux pretty soon.

prism08 prismuserinterface_i2

Well to me Prism definitely looks like a project that should do well. I am currently using Prism for GMail and Google Reader on my personal PC. Well if you are using Prism then let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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