by Jack Weller on October 1, 2013


Vert is a unit conversion app that was created for iOS products, and has even been updatrd to hold the new iOS7 look.

The app allows out to take any unit of different scales and convert them into another unit that resides in the same sort of category, such as different units of currency. This makes the forever hard old technique of having to learn conversion methods a lot simpler, especially with money, which is forever changing, and if you have a source of interne tor data roaming turned on, your app will update the exchange rates, I useful feature that is certainly most welcome for holiday goers alike.

As mentioned before, the recently updated look of the app fits right at home with any iOS device currently updated with the latest iOS7 software, and the transition between sections is crisp and fluent. There is simply no thinkable excuse to not have this app, even more so when you take into account that its free and wont take up to much space on your device.

Overall, a great app that hosts good looks and a great interface, a must for anyone within looking distance of a mobile device.

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