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by Karthik on December 7, 2009 · 4 comments

Windows Media Center

I’ve been a huge fan of Boxee for managing my entire media library. But a lot of people I talk to always seem to be telling me, why not use the built in Media Center in Windows? Windows Media Center does have an excellent interface and is easy to use, but so far Boxee’s integration with the web to download details of the plot, reviews, trailers etc. for movies was what kept me hooked onto it.

But to fret no more, the built in Windows Media Center can also do the same, thanks to a third party app that lets you download Trailers from iTunes and other websites, Media Info, High Quality pictures etc.

To begin with download MediaBrowser, and install it on your PC. Once you are done, fire it up and you should be looking at a screen like the one shown below.


Add the required folders to your media collection, and Media Browser should then do all the dirty work for you. Alternatively you can also add/configure various plugins for Media Browsers. To do select the plug-ins tab.


There’s also advanced configuration options that lets you personalize your Media Center experience. For more of this, click the advanced option in Media Browser


All said and done, start Windows Media Center and select ‘Media Browser‘ from the home screen.


Windows Media Center should now be presenting you, your entire media library in its full glory. Click around to enjoy.



What do you think of Media Browser? Finally I believe that Boxee has a decent competitor but yes the Social features of Boxee will be hard to replicate. For those of you who enjoy Media Center already, Media Browser is a worthy extension to your Movie Watching experience.

Image Credit : lanuiop | Via : Addictive Tips & Announcement on Official Blog

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Dans Kursu December 20, 2009 at 2:17 am

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Bdg May 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm

totally worthless app. does nothing to change media center in win 7 all it does is add a menu item that has no media info and when told to update still has nothing found dont download save your time.


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