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by Karthik on October 14, 2007 · 1 comment

Twingly LogoWell Technorati currently tracks over 108.7 million blogs and that number increases with every passing day. Well you can’t read each and every blog post that is published in the world can you? So if you want to pass some time reading some random stuff then Twingly is for you.. I downloaded Twingly and I have been using for almost a day now, and I must say that Twingly really is an amazing piece of software. 

To start off with, Twingly basically is a visualization tool, that allows you to see blog posts from all over the world pop up on a virtual globe as soon as they are posted. You get to see a lot of random stuff being posted, but at times you do find some amazing posts that you would never find otherwise. Not much is known about how Twingly collects its data, but I believe it comes mostly from media outlets like Blogger, Live Journal etc and Twingly’s own ping service. The UI of the software is simply amazing and it works as a Windows screensaver or as a standalone application. There are keyboard shortcuts for you to navigate around the globe as well..

Well there are some interesting things that I noted on basis on my usage of Twingly :

  • Majority of the blog posts are either personal or political, technology isn’t that popular with the masses.
  • Livejournal and Blogger are the leading blog hosts.
  • A Lot of Bloggers are from North America, and then UK.. Africa and Middle east are places where you’d least expect anyone to blog.

Well here are some screenshots of Twingly in action :

Twingly Twingly Twingly Twingly

Well all those screenshots come from the standalone application, but the screensaver works equally well and all the features of the standalone app can be found in the screensaver.

If you want to try out Twingly head over to its site (its in Swedish) or to Download.com to download it.

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Martin K��llstr��m October 15, 2007 at 8:45 pm

Hi, thanks for the attention! We are currently working on making the app a tad more available by freeing it from it’s current .net-handcuffs and making it runnable on PC, Mac as well as Linux.

If you want to receive spam-free notifications about when this happens, send us a note to info (at) twingly dot com.

Kind regards,
Martin K��llstr��m
CEO Primelabs


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