Temple Run 2

by Jack Weller on February 18, 2013


Temple Run 2 is the direct successor to the free smash hit game Temple Run by Imangi Studios. The game carries over the same principles of its predecessor whilst still creating a new, compelling experience, that will last countless hours and bring you back time and time again for more.

The game begins on familiar territory to the original, with prompts to the player to steal the on screen ‘idol’. Upon a swift tap of the finger, the game starts almost instantly, allowing the user to dust off their Temple Run skills again. People who have played Temple Run before will feel at home. However, for these who are new to the Temple Run craze will find a useful tutorial waiting for them once the game is in flow. Various on screen stimulus will teach new users the very basic controls that Temple run 2 utilizes to create its addictive experience.

After a few play through’s, these will be automatically turned off to stop them from becoming less of a reminder and more of a hindrance to the user. Still, if you are one of those people who take their time adjusting to the learning curve of games, the tutorial can be very easily turned on in the settings menu.


Temple Run 2 does a fantastic job at teaching its users the controls

The actually gameplay is very smooth and simple, swiping at the screen will cause your player to either jump or duck, the app also continues to make use of the iOS’s gyroscope features, where tilting your device will shift your on screen character into safety, failure is forever present in Temple Run 2, however, this is no problem, as the load times alone are very quick, which allows you to restart your experience over again and again, developing your progress on the games muched loved reward and upgrade system of collecting and spending the in game coins that the first game carried, whilst still managing to introduce new features.


The games clever leveling system give’s players something to aspire for

Whilst the game stands firm on its old ground in terms of play style, the graphics of the game have been knocked up to be more eye friendly then the original, and the scenery bears no similarities to its predecessor to make it a more fresh experience, the game also supports the new screen size the IPhone 5 bestows.

The sounds to the game also spring new life to the series. The familiar ‘tip tap’ of the protagonists feet brings incomparable tension to the player, and the musical score for the app seems more polished and concentrated then that of the original.

Overall, the game takes what went well with its predecessor and builds upon that, shaping the experience to one of the best available on the iPhone. This is a must have app, and provides endless hours off fun for the user, and the best part, the app still remains faithful, and stays free for all users.



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