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by Karthik on August 3, 2007 · 0 comments

Yes SuprNova is coming back. I for one have had a nostalgic experience with SuprNova back in my dial up days when i use to download a few MP3′s from them. Then SuprNova went down after the Slovenian Police took its custody in Novemeber 2004.

And Now they are coming back. The New SuprNova site will go live by the end of this week. The previous owner of SuprNova has given the domain name to The Pirate Bay. TPB is currently the most popular torrent search engine today.

The former owner of Suprnova told TorrentFreak why he decided to donate the domain: ‘The domain was doing nothing. I know that domain has some nostalgic value and some people would be more then happy to see it back online. I don’t use it, and TPB is the only team that I know will use it correctly.’

SuprNova Logo

Now this makes things even more difficult for the anti-pirate people like the RIAA because it is just so difficult to stop piracy. Even if they manage to remove one site, a dozen more pop up from nowhere. An Interesting battle is on the cards between the pirates and the ant-pirates.

With the relaunch of Suprnova a new community will also be launched that will be linked to both Suprnova and The Pirate Bay. The forums will be hosted on and are already up and running.

Now what does all this have to do with us. Keeping the 2 sites separate will certainly strengthen the P2P network. If one tracker or domain goes under, the other one would still be going strong. besides, I think there is too much reliance on TPB tracker. ,If it falls just think how many torrents are going to be rendered useless.. 2 sites, 2 trackers, and a huge community overlooking the both of them.

via TorrentFreak

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