Split Wizard

by Jack Weller on April 9, 2014


SplitWizard is a utility to magically split even the most complex checks and bills between multiple people. Is this £0.69 purchase one for your iPhone?

Ever been to a restaurant with all your freinds, family and relatives, enjoyed a lovely meal, tucked into a tasty desert, and then had trouble deviding the sum of money? SplitWizard allows you to calculate the tip and to simply keep track of who paid for what (and who owes who). I eat out often with large parties and splitting the bill and calculating a tip is also so dreadful and takes up say too much time. This app puts those troubles to rest, and made it easy to divide the bill up and determined what tip is appropriate depending on the service. Not only that, there are many bill splitting apps out there but not one that I’ve seen that has the ability for conversion as well as the option to input the number of people you are dining with, this is that one app that I have seen.

We were easily able to input the expenses of each person and Splitwizard even has a function to send the results in a message, thus allowing others to see how to bill was worked out, there is also to chose between working things out simply or complexly.

The best Bill splitter ever? We think so! A great app.

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