by Jack Weller on May 9, 2014


Secret is an anonymous secret sharing app that can be picked up on the iOS store. Will you be picking this app up secretly?

Do you ever get the inclination that all your companions are in on some mystery and you’re left oblivious? It’s very conceivable they’re all utilizing the new Secret application for iOS, and they’re holding up for you to join. Mystery permits clients to namelessly post their deepest musings and emotions, and the most famous presents go between companions on companions of companions and past.

Upon Download, you will immediately be populated with secrets from your friends and popular secrets across the social network. As you browse through the app, Secret will stop and teach you about interacting with the different tools. You can love secret, subscribe to other people secret feed’s and share secret’s on facebook and twitter, as well as the ability to upload your own, which you can write anomalous to everyone, and still get loves and subscribes.

Unfortunately, Secret doesn’t permit you to include your companions from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter since that might make the administration less nameless, which is a let-down, as it really would make it a bustling community with such interchangeability. Rather, you’ll have to endorse the application’s right to gain entrance to your contact list and Secret will naturally interface your list with your contracts. You can perceive which of your companions are utilizing Secret, yet you’ll never know which companions they are, which makes finding out down to you in person.

The design of the app is great and their is no problem with function, the only problem is a lack of link between Facebook and Twitter. If this would be fixed, this would en-light to be app of the year contender.

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