by Jack Weller on October 14, 2013


Ever wondered what a backwards to do list would look like? Recur is exactly that, showcasing all the cool things you have done over your life! However, is this a dead end idea, or will getting this app be one of your top events completed?

Plans and to do list’s are something that we find ourselves creating and abiding to day in a day out, and after you have completed a task, it is usually discarded or just ticked off. However, have you ever considered what this would be like in the reverse effect? Writing your events in and being able to look at everything you have done previously is certainly one thing I have never considered myself, but it does make a lot of sense in hindsight.

The app allows you to enter and event in that you have completed, which is added to the Recur list. You can view all the items on this list at any time, and is almost inevitable to draw some smiles from you when you take a look at all those moments you have completed.

Overall, I can see the reverse to do list being something that many other apps may try and mimic, but this flawlessly sets the trend, a must have for someone wanting to try something different.

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