Punch Quest

by Jack Weller on April 21, 2013


Punch Quest is an endless runner arcade fighting game. The developers of this free app (RoketCat Games)  have pummeled perfection into what at first seems to be a simple button masher, however consistent players will be rewarded with a unique experience with vast depth that you will not find anywhere else on the android or apple store.


After a simple tap on the glaring start button, the game throws you straight into the deep end, with little information offered other then a tap of your right thumb will throw your dash punch and a tap of your left will offer up an uppercut. Simple right? I found myself just battering the controls aimlessly on my first ‘Punch Quest’. So much happened in such a small space of time,  that of which I was unaware how. Riding a top a lazer spitting dinosaur? The game had me doing this little over the 30 second mark. I did not know how, but it was engaging, it was fun. 


After some unfortunate run ins with the games antagonists, which ranged from zombies, skeletons, bats, gnomes and many more, I ran out of ‘heart’s’ (the games life system – you get five of them.) I was thrown back to the games menu, with an option to try again and embark on another fist swinging adventure, or browse through the in game shop. Intrigued on what could be possibly added to enhance a game that revolved around punching enemy’s to a pulp, over and over as if they were insignificant, I chose the shop.

I was instantly stunned when an unthinkable amount of content opened up before me. This fluctuated between simply editing your characters appearance to getting access to new abilities. It quickly hit me that the game was much more then a time passer, and after playing through several times, unlocking different content along the way, it dawned just how well made this game was. It was a collection of many different things that made a game good, a graphic style that fit’s the game like a custom made glove, unique game play, a deep system to spend your in game credits, and most of all, a fun experience throughout.


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