Paradigm Shift

by Jack Weller on April 25, 2013


Paradigm Shift is a point and click adventure created by Ben Aprigliano. The game follows the basic principles of a point and click game, while incorporating zombie elements into it. However, is this free game worth a place on your iOS device?

“A dangerous biochemical has been released into the ecosystem, turning every living thing into a bloodthirsty killer, you are the sole survivor” the games description reads, sounding cliche as ever. As I have stated in past reviews (see Into the Dead) adding a ‘zombie twist’ to spice up a genre is becoming overused. Whilst some times it comes off well, it is often the wrong choice. Paradigm shift is an example of that latter point. After a cliche zombie apocalypse introduction talked through by a cliche monotone zombie-apocalypse announcer, the game begins in very familiar territory. Trapped in an apartment, with your cliche aim to find objects aid in your escape,  to do this, you can touch anywhere on the screen to either look at an object, or move to the next location, all with a cliche atmospheric zombie score playing in the background.

Make a wrong move, and you will find the cliche consequence of being killed by one of ‘the infected’ which ends the game. Make a right move, and you’ll progress through the ‘story’, which is also a cliche zombie tale of finding other survivors.

Did I also mention the game was very cliche? The game ticks all the boxes of what we expect from a zombies game, however, what the app does not do is try to incorporate anything innovative into the mix. The game was boring at best, and the visuals were far from impressive  with pre-rendered backgrounds and still images, The game also took to long to load in unthinkable places, such as noticing you had clicked on an important item and opening it up for you to examine. Whilst the game doesn’t  do anything wrong in the point and click aspect, it also does not do anything right. The initial excitement you may receive when you watch through the games intro is quickly killed when you load the game up. I suggest you go elsewhere in search for a zombie game, as the apocalypse here is just to dull.


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