by Jack Weller on April 7, 2014

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NDS4iOS is a free Nitendo DS emulator app which you can pick up here for your mobile device!: http://nds4ios.angelxwind.net/

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Bubble Snap

by Jack Weller on April 3, 2014

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Bubble Snap is a free bubble popping game created for mobile devices, however, will this homage to the age old stress reliever make its way onto your phone.

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Flying Bieber

by Jack Weller on April 2, 2014


Flying Bieber is a reaction based survival game in which you have to guide Justin Bieber’s head through obstacles for as long as possible, the question is though, is this app worthy to work its way onto your mobile in the first place?

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Happy April 1st! | Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

by Jack Weller on April 1, 2014

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And so we start another month today guys, and what April wouldn’t be complete without an April fools.

And to make this year extra special, Google maps have given us an incredible challenge, see the video here to find out about it!




by Jack Weller on March 28, 2014

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Autorap is a free app with optional extra’s, which automatically places your voice into a beat.

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