Pacman 80′s

by Jack Weller on September 30, 2013


Pacman 80′s is an app available for download on the windows 8 store, the app is a simple downloadable game, that is available to users for free.

If you have ever played any pacman games before, then you already know the score, if not, where have you been for the last 40 years? The highly addictive game become a craze in the 80′s and has been going hard since, although modern games obviously can dwarf pacman in terms of scale, depth and graphics, there is something about those old 16bit ghosts that can bring a smile to your face.

The aim is simple, guide your on screen pacman, a chirpy yellow people, into all the on screen dots with the use of the keyboard directions, sounds simple ey? Well, in case you missed my last paragraph, there are ghosts! That’s right! Ghosts were even cool back in the 80′s, but these aren’t the sort of ghosts you will see in modern games that scare you away from ever wanting to touch video games again, these simple sprites just move around the screen, if your spite collides with them, game over!

Seeing as this is a port of the original, there aren’t any other features that you will see on modern pacman remakes, so let me move on tok how the game runs. The gameplay is very fluent and functional, however, I did have a few problems when pacman got caught by a ghost, the game froze, not only my game, but the entire computer, which is a serious crime for and app here at daily apps,

However, overall, when this app functions, it will cause dejavu to anyone who remembers the original arcade version. A must get for nostalgia fans.

The Score:
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