by Jack Weller on April 7, 2014

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NDS4iOS is a free Nitendo DS emulator app which you can pick up here for your mobile device!: http://nds4ios.angelxwind.net/

NDS4iOS was designed from the ground up for iOS 7. It has a built-in web browser for downloading games, making it much easier to start playing those memorable Nintendo DS games on your iOS platfrom. It has been fully optimized for iPads, giving Apple’s tablet a first class emulation experience.

Obviously the main feature is playing incredible classics such as Pokemon and the orginal Pheonix Wright Trilogy, which are all perfectly rendered, with incredible music with no problems, and untouched graphics give the games their classic feels, which I must say, all have aged fantastically well.

After the Game Boy advance, the Nitendo DS was the next console to up the game of handheld gaming industry. The app features the ability to take any game you want that was ever released on the original device and play it on your mobile, however, there are some small problems, seeing as the game were created for a device that is optimised for games, you are going to experience some crashes, (there were a lot in our video review, in fact it kept doing it for about two minutes, and we left them in to show you the severity of the issue!) this is something we actually felt like adressing as a major issue, as it can just destroy hours worth of game play on one of these emulated apps!

Barr a few technical hiccups, a good download for your mobile!

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