by Jack Weller on May 8, 2014


Want to be able to relive any Geordie Shore moment at will? Then this may be the app for you!

Its undoubted, when something has its own soundboard, it’s common culture. Nothing rings that bell truer then Geordie shore, the popular MTV show set in the north of England, the app allows you to select one of your favourite people from the beloved reality show and play a selection of their most known phrases. There is huge variety, with Gary, Charlotte, James, Sophie, Holly, Vicky, Jay and Scott all having their own soundboard within the app, with nearly all the catchphrases having a time and a place to be used, and amazing novelty value being carried with each of them.

Most of the sound-clips are rendered nicely, with background noise removed and clear crisp tones, however, not all the phrases get this treatment, some are left very poorly recorded with background sound from the show being noticeable, Whilst it isn’t a huge problem, ┬áthe fact that the sound volume changes between different clips is, which makes it annoying having to alter your sound between selections.

The menus are rendered nicely and each person has a picture of the, their name and a short description that is sure to bring a few smiles to fans of the show. Some soundboards are a lot greater in depth then others, such as when comparing Holly to Scott, but its mainly due to the fact that that person has not said anything interesting.

Overall, a must have for fans of the hit series, and will provide some comedy for those who are not so familiar.



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