Man Sues Steve Jobs For Sexual Harassment With Apple Gadgets

by Karthik on March 15, 2008 · 3 comments

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Surely the title caught you unawares right? Public companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo get sued for all kinds of things. But who thought that anyone would sue the CEO of Apple for sexual harassment purely on the merit of a few Apple gizmos like the iPhone.

I’m pretty sure that you haven’t really understood much of what I’ve said till now. Ok here is the actual story.. I suggest you read the lawsuit I’ve embedded below (courtesy Scribd iPaper). More details can also be had from here.

Alright a guy who calls himself Jonathan Lee Riches filed a Civil Lawsuit against Steve Jobs (CEO Apple Inc) and another guy called Philip Woolston.. The complaint is entirely handwritten and is titled “Sexual Harassment with Apple Gadgets“. Jonathan’s complaint is that Woolston who happens to be an educator at Federal Correctional Institution Williamsburg in South Carolina and also an Apple Fanboy allegedly attempted to sodomize Jonathan Lee Riches in the bathroom with an Apple iPhone.

Now I’m sure you must wondering what on earth does Steve Jobs have to do with all this? Woolston apparently claimed that he was personal friends with Steve Jobs. “Woolston told me that Steve Jobs would provide Woolston with Software databases to look up my mother who lives in Norfolk Virginia and come to Virginia to do me and her harm if I didn’t have sex with him,” Riches wrote in his complaint.

Well isn’t that lame? Well looks like this Riches guy has a criminal history of filing silly lawsuits against well known and respected people. Riches has also filed lawsuits against OJ Simpson, Martha Stewart, Britney Spears, and George W. Bush and they have all been thrown into the trash bin for being a little too hot to handle.

Here is the civil lawsuit that Riches filed for you all to read and have a good laugh at : (P.S : RSS  Readers please visit the blog to see the embed)

Read this doc on Scribd: Sexual Harassment Apple Lawsuit

Many of you would ask what happened to this guy after this lawsuit was filed. Just a month after filing the complaint, Riches filed a voluntary dismissal. “Philip Woolston and Apple Computers sexually assaulted me in my dreams and not in real life,” reads the (handwritten) dismissal document. “I can’t sue a dream.

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Sumesh March 28, 2008 at 1:31 am

Hehe, what a jerk. Most of them just want some limelight, and withdraw after getting it.


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