Make Them Jump

by Jack Weller on July 25, 2014

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Make them jump is a free game you can pick up from the iOS app store today, which has you control several characters with an objective of keeping them all alive at once. Will this review allow you to make it jump onto your mobile device?

When the speed builds up, its hard enough to make one character jump over a block, but toss a couple more people to look after into the mix, and the difficulty increases tenfold. The basic principle is your average obstacle jumper, however, you have to manage several of these obstacle jumpers at once, which ranges from 2 to 5, with the difficulty being named harder respective of the number of characters. Each stick figure gets its own lane to move on, meaning you have to tap each lane to make him jump, and with the obstacles appearing in different places at different height per lane, it gets very tricky managing everything.

The different 1 colour per lane also makes a very nice looking display

If your in need of a difficult game to play, pick this up as soon as possible.

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