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by Karthik on July 25, 2008 · 2 comments


There was a time when browsers were nothing but simple tools that allowed us to browse web pages.. Remember the good old days of Netscape anyone? Well these days browsers are trying to be the center of everything you do on your computer. Almost every service is now available online and the browser plays an important role in the growth of these services.

Social networking is a rage these days, and browsers like Flock are full fledged social media powerhouses connecting you to every popular social networking site. No wonder Flock is called the Social media browser.

Flock had earlier release a green version of its browser called the Flock ‘ Eco Edition, and now it has come up with a similar branding to bring Flock Gloss and it aims to bring fashion and entertainment right into the browser, and quite unsurprisingly it is the first browser to do so.

Have a look at the screenshot below and you will see that it is all pink, and complete with all sorts of glossy effects.


Flock Gloss is the original Flock plus the additional features that are related to entertainment and fashion. Flock Gloss automagically pulls in feeds from many popular fashion/entertainment sites such as InStyle, TMZ, ThisNext, PopSugar and Glam among others.

In addition to the feeds, you can also access media streams of fashion interviews, red carpet events, style shows and more directly from the browser’s Media Bar, and you can also easily communicate and share content with your friends as it was in the original Flock.

If you are a Fashion and Entertainment freak then maybe Flock Gloss is a perfect match for you.. Don’t blame me if you fall in love with pink!! ;-) ..

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