by Jack Weller on October 28, 2013


Kingdom[ is a independent minimalist strategy game created for browser play by Noio, which can be played on windows computer devices.  Does this relatively small game hold its own against the big name strategy games?

You can also play the game here!

Firstly, let me just state this, there are very few games these days that we here at dailyapps can call gems, with various games coming out yearly on mobile, computer and console alike, it may require months of play to really find a game that has the right credentials to gain the title of gem. This was not the case for Kingdom.

Kingdom is a very good game, and its creator Noio knows exactly what he wants to achieve with it. The game begins with introducing you to its bit graphic scheme, where you control your very own king. This is done by using the directional button left and right to go in those respected direction. After you take your king on his journey onward, you soon come across a small desolate village, with a couple of wanderers spare. This is your soon to be kingdom, after being given a little tour of how to play the game and what each NPC character does, including allies and enemies alike. You are free to develop your kingdom as you please., with the only extra button to movement being the down key, to upgrade.

This freedom in such a small game is just one of the subtle factors the make the game so addictive, you are literally aloud to approach this strategy game however you want in order to survive. Whether this be fortify your defences by upgrading you castle, or recruiting more archers to fend back the noodlers – the games enemies that will kill your men and take your coins. The game simply leaves this up to you.

Oh, and did I mention, this is one beautiful game! For a relatively unknown developer, this project really does have some stunning look, perhaps most impressive is that of the in game water, very few games manage to capture that reflective feel water can produce, whereas kingdom does it effortlessly. The NPC also have plenty of character about them for something created with very few pixels. It would also not be fair to not notice how fitting the audio for this game is. Both dark and dashing together or apart, the sound elegantly grace this game for what it is, a masterpiece.

Finally, I want to mention to things, one, the game is free to play right now, so go play it! Two, a mobile version is soon to be with us, which you can expect a review from the dailyapps team for, and three, this game is a true gem.


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