Jumpy Jack

by Jack Weller on March 8, 2014


JumpyJack is a reaction based side scrolling game created by redBit Games. The objective, much like ex-popular game flappy bird, is to guide your on screen character through the obstacles, however, is it nearly as successful?


In Jumpy Jack, you control the jump of a little boy (presumably called Jack), and have to press on the screen to make him jump up in order to get through little gaps. The controls are the same as Flappy Bird, the graphics are similar, and the overall experience is equally annoying.

And yet, for some reason this game has enjoyed a meteoric rise almost, if not quite, comparable to that of its obvious inspiration.

And indeed, there is almost nothing to recommend it. It is frustrating, irritating, boring and glitchy. It is a pathetic copy, in order to try and cash-in, the game is devoid of any merit or worth, and it is hard to believe anyone who can even scramble a few chromosomes together would continue to play these reaction based games, especially one of such a poor effort as this.

Maybe if it was just the poor graphics, or just a few occasional glitches, or maybe just the poor game play that was evident, it might be a little bit recommendable, but when they are all together, the experience is just horrific.


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