by Jack Weller on May 10, 2014

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iRuler is a simple utility advice, with both a free and a pro (paid) version available, how will it measure up?

Rulers are an item that i’m sure many will have a point in there life where they will need one but be short of it, well, now you can find a ruler wherever you are, no matter what your device, the app will present a correctly sized ruler with inches and cm meters being displayed. Its really useful to have offhand and I have found myself using the utility several times whilst I have owned it, especially since it can slip into everyday life so frequently.

Problems, well, the app features 21cm of display, yet an iPhone 5 only features 9 ince, this means the app is wasting memory my including cm’s that cant even be all seen at once on the iPhones screen.

However, it still does the job, with a great visual which have been rendered accurately for all devices, it functions and looks ideal.

A great backup emergency ruler!

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