Into The Dead

by Jack Weller on April 23, 2013


Into the Dead is an endless runner that plays with zombie survival aspect’s in a 1st person prespective. The developers - PikPok have crafted these three aspect together to create a very different experience, however does this trio allow the app to stand out in a genre with mega competition?

Zombies, we have heard it all before, slap them into a project thats about to enter its last legs and it makes everything fresh again, however, with more zombies titles pouring out each year, the genre is at its peak. What may have seemed fun and unique a few years ago is starting to become a common element in this modern age. Do not let this idea restrain you from playing this title though, as this is no ordinary zombie game.

The main game mode Into the Dead offers is survival – there are others, but I wont spoil them for you, unlocking them is are one of the rewards that the application carries, but more on that later. It starts with the player waking up after an apparent (it isent made clear to the user) plane crash, with the horde of the undead lurking toward you from every angle, it becomes clear that simple fighting them off wont be an intelligent thought, so the game sets you off running in the opposite direction.


You’ll be seeing this view a lot on your in game travels

And that is just what you will be doing for most of this experience, running. The automated action never takes a break, and you as a player has the job of moving yourself to the sides to swerve past zombies. Sounds easy, correct? Well thats where you would be wrong. With a forever increasing amount of on screen brain chompers, and visual impairments such as corn fields and tree, an up close appointment with the nasty blights are where you will most likely spend your early hours with the game. That is not a bad thing though, as after each run you will be able to rake together your in game coins to buy things such as perks that will enable you to do things such as start at a certain distance or begin with a weapon.


The games learning curve is also very quick. It sets you missions for you to do on each attempt at besting your own personal high score’s, which the game records each time. From these, you will gain more of those coins i spoke of earlier, and unlock new game modes and weapons. A zombie cut you off early in the game just before you broke your record? Now you can make a meal of him with that new chainsaw you unlocked. The visuals are also a stand out feature, with flawless graphics and only a minor frame rate dip here and there. This is not one of the many poor zombie bandwagon games we see day in day out. This is a must have.

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