HTC Desire Unboxing

by Jack Weller on November 10, 2013


The HTC Desire was the first android smartphone by HTC in the desire series, for your viewing pleasure, we recently got a new one to review android apps on and compare to the modern day android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy s3.

Initial seen as the worlds number one phone, the HTC Desire recieved reviews desirable for any mobile company, whilst being 3 years since its release, it has faired well, and is still widely sold in many phone shops today. Whilst the phone has been succeded by many other phones which bare improvements over the original Desire, after some quick use we can see that the model still has its own magical feel and runs quite smoothly, and you can expect a full review on the device very soon.

However, now we have some inportant device specs and box details, firstly, the device weighs a comfortable 135g, and actually may surprise the holder with its weight. The device also has 576 MB of RAM, which allows your widgets to run quite smoothly, the micro SD can also support and inpressive 32GB, which can ensure a place for all your holiday snaps and musical tunes. The battery also has an inpressive 1400 million hours to it. The device also comes with your charging essentials, manuals, and even a pair of headphones for you to enjoy your deive to the full potential, right off the bat.

Whilst these are not the only specs the phone has, we feel that these are the most wanted, however we will release another article about all the specs in due course.

Overall, we were very happy with this unboxing process, and will be pleased to bring you more feedback on the device very soon.



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