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by Karthik on July 17, 2008 · 3 comments


RSS Feeds seem to be everywhere these days. With growing popularity and the sheer number of websites offering RSS Feeds, the search for good RSS Feed readers gains significance.

Before you tell more about Headline, I’d like to ask you which feed reader you use and what are the things that you like/dislike about it the most? I for one use Google reader as my primary feed reader and I am happy with it.

Ever since RSS has started to make attention into the mainstream the need for more functional RSS feed readers with a much more intuitive UI has arised and Headline aims to exactly fill that void.

Simply put Headline is a revolution in feed reading. It combines a sleek, clean interface with a powerful user experience.

Yes Headlines is one of the most stunning looking RSS feed readers I’ve ever seen. Its not only about its stunning looks but it also offers a range of features that you find in almost feed readers plus some more that you won’t find elsewhere.

Let me just rundown through the important features of Headline.

  • Easy Filtering

Headline allows you to easily filter out contents switching from Today, This Week, This Month, All, Unread or Favorites items.

  • Sharing

Headline can easily share articles to friends over iChat and Mail. No need to manually find, copy and send links to friends, Headline do it for you.

  • Media Player

Headline has built in support for Audio and Video player. You can easily listen audio or watch video podcasts on the fly with out downloading any files.

  • Core Animation

Headline starts with a revolutionary interface and then gets better. Core Animation provides smooth effects between views and articles.

  • Beautiful Preview

Headline can easily preview any article, mimics Quick Look, without opening the default browser or an external application for that.

  • Growl Notification

Headline can automatically notify you when there are new articles available via Growl Notifications. It allows you to see when there are new articles while using other applications.

Quite an impressive feature set I must say. I just wonder why doesn’t windows see such beautiful functional softwares. Here are some screenshots of Headline for you to drool over.

headline_thumb1 headline_thumb2 headline_thumb3

On the Mac I know many users swear by NetNewsWire, but to all those hardcore fans of NetNewsWire I suggest you give Headline a try.

Headline comes in at 19.95$ for a single user licence and is also available for 34.95$ for a Family Pack Licence.

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twoluvcats July 17, 2008 at 10:29 pm

oh man, you had me until the $19.99 pricetag. I’ll take google reader for free anyday. Enhance it with some Friefox plugins and it really can’t be beat.


Stephen MIlls July 18, 2008 at 12:30 am

I use and enjoy FeedDemon. It sync’s between multiple computers, the previews give you enough info to decide whether to read the entire article, it downloads for offline reading. You can download files and browse within the reader. Filtering and searching work well. I don’t know what more you could ask.


newmi July 18, 2008 at 6:26 pm

My favourite has always been greatnews but due to a few niggles and the major issue of no online sync pool for feeds it falls short and I have resorted to using feeddemon. Before I moved to feeddemon I was using googlereader with the bettergreader plugin which made it very usable but a lack of offline post backup (readair doesnt backup your feeds it only stores them temporarily), the annoying issue of posts only staying valid for 30 days and the constant UI and behavioural niggles made me give up and move to feeddemon which is nowhere near perfect but the best compromise overall.


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