Harvard Working on Tribler the Nxt Gen Filesharing Client

by Karthik on August 31, 2007 · 0 comments

Yes Yes Harvard is working with the Tribler Team to make the Next generation Filesharing Client. Conventional Bit-torrent client have had a deficiency that makes the mantra of equal sharing a mess. Very often you will find the torrent heavily leeched and you will not be able to download it. Tribler aims to put an end to all this with some major improves that we have been waiting for many years now.

Tribler works on the Give to Get algorithm rather than the Tit for Tat algorithms Bittorrent has been using for many years now. It allows the users to benefit from faster download speeds without actually using a central servers or trackers as Bittorrent users would know.

You can access Tribler to download conventional Bittorrent files as well as files that use this new concept. Every Tribler Client keeps a track of how many MB’s you have uploaded or shared which inturn is used to determine the speeds at which you get to download.

If Tribler can achieve all these things it is going to make a headway into the future. There are some issues like Network Pollution and Spam that need to be addressed. But then there is definitely a ray of bright light shining in the File Sharing phenomenon.


An Added advantage is that Tribler might be free from Lawsuits as there would be no central server involved, so the MPAA or RIAA might have to sue millions of file sharers. I am just hoping that Tribler becomes a Success.

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