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Comments on: Hack Attack : Find The Font Used In An Image http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/ An app a day, keeps the boredom away... Thu, 07 Feb 2013 11:19:56 +0000 hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.7.22 By: Anthony http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6523 Thu, 09 Jun 2011 20:29:00 +0000 http://dailyapps.net/2008/05/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6523 Hey, this post has been a lifesaver mate, thanks! I searched high and low for answer to my question and you’ve answered it brilliantly. Thanks you you mate, I now know there’s a font called Akagi Black!

By: [G]orgeous http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6522 Thu, 05 Jun 2008 16:37:22 +0000 http://dailyapps.net/2008/05/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6522 Hello Karthik,
A while back you posted about how to download your favourite songs using Google without the need of third-party P2P applications. I often use MyFonts.com to grab the file name of the font, and using your Google hack, I replace “mp3 OR ogg OR wav OR wma” with “ttf OR afm OR afp” and put the file name of the font, it will do pretty much the same — look up for the font in some sites’ apache directory listings — some fonts may not be found in that way, but a good amount of them should. And please, Mr. Karthik, I would love you to contact me by e-mail (my e-mail has been attached to this post privately) about something I would love to discuss with you.

By: FireFox http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6521 Sun, 01 Jun 2008 19:34:09 +0000 http://dailyapps.net/2008/05/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6521 Why isn’t Comic Sans in the list ;) (I hate that font)

By: Jan http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6518 Sun, 01 Jun 2008 19:12:17 +0000 http://dailyapps.net/2008/05/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6518 If you’re interested in finding really good fonts, you should take a look at this:

Most commercial banners are using the same set of fonts.

It’s in german, but you should be able to get enough information from there.

The fonts being ranked there are those which are used most often, due to their quality and aesthetics, as well due to traditional reasons (books are mostly set in Dante, Palatino, Baskerville or Garamond for example).

Hope that helps!

By: Karthik Kastury http://dailyapps.net/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6520 Sun, 01 Jun 2008 14:03:03 +0000 http://dailyapps.net/2008/05/hack-attack-find-the-font-used-in-an-image/#comment-6520 @Jan, Thanks for the link, some of the best fonts are there..

@Mike Ryan, Nice to see your comment after a long time. I didn’t know that Corel Draw had whatthefont integrated into it.. Nice find.. :)