by Jack Weller on July 7, 2014


Grub is a free game which takes inspiration from an arcade classic: Snake. Does it live up to its idol?

Grub was a game that I stumbled upon accidentally, I was looking for an old fashioned snake game, which of that I am a big fan of.

Upon the search, I came across this, a game which take the basic principles of snake and tries to build on them by the use of including the iPhones gyroscope features and adding enemies to create a game which becomes more about surviving rather then collecting little black dots.

The app features a level mode unlike the original, which gives a Angry Bird sort of staging to the game, with each level having its own unique challenge, which ranges to killing a certain amount of enemies to surviving as long as possible!

Overall, a decent take on the classic snake, but there feels like there is room for improvement.

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