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by Jack Weller on September 26, 2013


Google translate is a simple feature that enables its user’s to translate ands line of text or speech, regardless of language, into another country’s language. This is one of the few apps that can do this regardless of whether you have internet connection or not.

The language barrier can be quite a hard thing to overcome, with the amount of things that a foreign language can be involved in, such as talking to a shop owner or local for directions, or trying to translate the hardest piece of your modern language homework that you simply cant do on your own, almost anyone of any age can come in need of a good translator, which makes google translate your new best friend.

The apps function is so simple, but one of the most essential utilities you can have on your phone, it allows you to record and line of speech, regardless of language (as long as its real that is) and translate it into another language. You can also write your own text in to be translated to, which the app will again register and allow you to translate, the difference with this app can function anywhere unlike other translator’s which can only function if you have an available convenient internet source, which you will also probably need a password for,¬†inconveniently.

This alone makes this app the best translator, a must have for anyone with an iPhone.


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