Google building its own Alternative to iTunes

by Karthik on August 12, 2007 · 0 comments

Well how many companies are working round the clock to eat a bit of the share that Apple’s iTunes has on the online music market. And now finally there is one more that you can add to this growing list of companies trying to challenge iTunes. And its not a nobody who is doing that but it is our very own google.

Google is in final stages of building an alternative to iTunes which willl be called gBox. The program, which will be quite different from the model that iTunes follows now. gBox will get referrals through ads Universal will buy through search leader Google. Google will set standard advertising fees rather than a cut of sales. The ads, which will appear when a user searches for specific details, such as the name of an artist,and then the user will be redirected to gBox.

Songs at gBox will cost 99 cents each. For the Universal songs , gBox will offer an MP3 version free of anti-copy technology known as digital-rights management, or DRM. A DRM enabled version will also be available at the same price at gBox.

Right now gBox is still under testing so it will be sometime before gBox becomes a viable alternative to Apple’s flagship iTunes store.

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