Google Analytics Announces Exciting New Features

by Karthik on October 17, 2007 · 2 comments

google-analyticsThe Google Analytics blog today made some important announcements today for which we have been waiting for a quite a while now. In addition to the new features that will be rolled out soon, Urchin Stats which provides the backend for Google Analytics which Google had acquired back in 2006 will be released with a new version 6 that will bring Urchin on par with Google Analytics. Urchin Stats is a standalone package that you can install on your website without depending on Google Analytics. Being a corporate stats package, Google didn’t pay much attention to Urchin, but thanks to some noise in the blogosphere, Google has decided to release a new version of Urchin.

Well some of the new features that we will see in Google Analytics include : 

  • Tracking of site search – ‘find out what people search for on your site and where these searches lead’
  • Event Tracking capability – reports ‘designed to help you understand how people use and interact with Ajax, Flash and multimedia on your site without artificially increasing your pageview metrics.’
  • Outbound Link Tracking – ‘report on links visitors clicked on your site that direct them to another site’

Well currently Site Search tracking is available to all Google Analytics user while the other two are in closed beta. Google has also released a new script that will now host the new features of Google Analytics. Google says that site owners need to update their pages’ tracking script from urchin.js to ga.js in order to use the new features that is Event Tracking and Outbound Link Tracking.

While the upgrade looks pretty good, it would be nice if Google Releases a free version of Urchin that is less powerful than the commercial version that we can install on our own webserver if we want to have simple but rich stats for our website.

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Karthik Kastury October 18, 2007 at 12:08 pm

@Indyank, yes it still gives you the old code. If you want to try the latest features you need to add in the code…


indyank October 18, 2007 at 10:43 am

but my google analytics account still generates tracking code that has a script whose source is


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