GMail gets a Storage Boost!

by Karthik on October 13, 2007 · 1 comment

GMailGoogle has just announced that GMail will be getting additional storage from now on. Dubbed as "infinity+1" GMail will continuously increase from now on. By the end of this month we should see about 4GB of storage in GMail and 6GB by January.

Well here are the rough estimates of how much storage you will have :


Well that roughly translates into :

  • 2912MB by October 11, 2007 midnight Google time
  • 4.2GB by the 23rd this month

  • 6GB by January 4th next year
  • 42GB by the year of 2038
  • and 2.70266701 × 1072 TB* by 1/2/3456 7:00

Well the additional storage is really appreciated, but GMail’s chief competitor Yahoo Mail already offers unlimited storage so it would be nice if Google did the same with GMail too. Well the last two estimates remain a little bit too exaggerated. Also 42GB by 2038, Google are you kidding me?? 42GB after 30years, wouldn’t it be too less ?

Google has also updated storage for Google Apps users giving them that extra bit of storage. Google Apps who are on the standard plan will now get inbox’s that would match GMail’s growth rate. If the free storage is not enough for you, then you should check out the paid storage option :

  • 10GB for $20 per year
  • 40GB for $75 per year
  • 150GB for $250 per year
  • 400GB for $500 per year

I really like, when Google does things in its own style. While the announcement from Yahoo about unlimited storage drew a lot of criticism for Gmail for being stuck in the past, but I strongly belive that Google does continue to innovate with Gmail.

Drop in your comments as to what you think about the storage bump in GMail? 

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