Football Chairman

by Jack Weller on September 23, 2013


Football chairman is a strategy sim game that take football manager sims to the next level. However, is the next level a right move for the club, or is the chairman’s seat to hot for a game to handle.

Football chairman is a simple app that allows the user to take the role of a football chairman, as the title suggests. Much like the popular football manager type of games, this resolves around running and trying to bring out the best in this club, however unlike the said series, you don’t get to choose who plays, you manage the bank allowance.

This may seem a simple and attractive way of playing, with the ability to flog money on whatever you want, which ranges from player wages to increasing the size of your stadium, however, once you are a couple of seasons in, you soon start to realise that your pockets aren’t as deep as you originally believed, which then leads to you having to sell your best players or reducing the amount of money your putting into player development or youth training, which both have negative impacts on your players and fans, and most importantly, your manager.

Instead of being the man who can be replaced in a heartbeat (not to say that you can’t be sacked on Football Chairman, it just take a little bit of extra club unsettling to make you lose your job) you are the man who chose’s the bet guy for that job, and over the course of the game, you are going to find yourself replacing the man in the hot seat often. Keeping these chappies happy is harder then you think, if you don’t buy the players he want’s his happiness levels dip, which may not be a problem if you want him out anyway, however when you get the right guy for the job, and you just haven’t got the money to get his favourite players into your club, in rearises problems all over again.

Overall, a very fun game, that makes a good first attempt in a new way at looking at football sims.

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