Flying Bieber

by Jack Weller on April 2, 2014


Flying Bieber is a reaction based survival game in which you have to guide Justin Bieber’s head through obstacles for as long as possible, the question is though, is this app worthy to work its way onto your mobile in the first place?



Ever wanted to see what it would look like to see Justin Biebers head souring through the air with his massive ego powering him on? Well now you can! Justin Bieber is very simular to Flappy Bird, too similar infact, it pretty much as a cosmetic redesign of the same game, you tap the screen to mach your on screen Bieber flap upwards, or dont to let him fall abit, in the aim of getting between gaps of bieber themed obstacles. Honestly at this point, its been a long time since the release of flappy bird, and you would think that people would finally start coming up with their own ideas again, why people play them confuses me because to me they are the exact same as the previous one, as the best way of summing it up is that its a cheap re-skin with Justin Bieber (which does actually bring some humour to the table).

Although, it would be unfair to say the game is bad just because its a rip off, because its a well functioning one. I’ve played some absolutely terrible ones recently (see Jumpy Jack) but this one remains some dignity in that in functions well, mainly because the owner has copied flappy bird exactly, so it runs as that did.

In conclusion, a lazy attempt at a clone of a completely milked game.

The Score:
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