Flappy Bird

by Jack Weller on February 3, 2014

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Flappy Bird is a free game developed by Gears, which has the user take control of the now infamous flappy bird!

Is this the greatest iOS Game ever?

‘If you score above four, you have the gift’

This is one of the millions of twitter post’s that have been storming the web of late, and what it concerns is the user-titled ‘devil’ ridden game flappy bird.

In its simplist form, its basically a combination of the art style of popular smartphone game Tiny Wings — with a pixelated Super Mario twist thanks to some rather unoriginal green pipes, not to mention, the soon to be met whacking sounds that petrude from your iPhone every time you fail in game.

The principles are simple, tap the screen in order to keep the flappy bird afloat, and drift him in and out of the ‘mario pipes’.

What seems simple makes one of the most hardest, and if not the most annoying experience on the entirety of the iTunes store, after the 30th, 80th or even 300th time, you will still find annoyance from failure, however, this annoyance drives you to further best yourself! this truly is a compelling experience.


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