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by Karthik on August 5, 2007 · 0 comments

Firefox is one the fastest growing browsers that we have in the market today. It is battling heads on with the popular browser from microsoft i.e. Internet explorer. For most people the Blue ‘e’ icon on their desktop is the only way they can access internet today. Firefox is fast eating up IE’s crunch of market share but still there is lot to be done.

In connection with this Mozilla foundation has made a 12 Point action plan to increase the usage of Firefox as well as its retentivity.

Here are some key points that have been highlighted in the draft document prepared by Mozilla.

Firefox Retention 12 point plan

  • Change Firefox icon name to closer resemble action of getting to web
  • Force the Firefox icon to easier to find location
  • Alter the default browser settings path for better user choice
  • Major outbound brand marketing program driving brand recognition and differentiation
  • Improve download page and first run pages
  • Launch
  • Make common plug-ins work out of the box
  • Make add-ons and personas more accessible
  • Make the web feel more human
  • Improve messaging through communication channels
  • Stickier start page
  • Change Firefox icon to closer resemble action of getting to web

The Firefox team has also made up a chart predicting the growth of Firefox to an eventual 30% Marketshare by June 2008.

Firefox Retention Curve

I belive that this roadmap will be pretty effective in terms of the visibility that Firefox should be getting in the Browser wars as it will increase it manifold. Right now Firefox is limited to mostly geeks who have been totally let down by IE and are on the look of alternatives, this has to change in the future.

For more info on this roadmap prepared by Mozilla with some Mockups please visit the Mozilla Wiki, and if you have any ideas or suggestions please email the Mozilla team at jt[at]mozilla[dot]com.

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