Dynamic Drums

by Jack Weller on April 25, 2014

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Dynamic drums is a free musical app that can be picked up for free on iOS devices, is it one that deserves a place on your device

When i first opened dynamic drums, I expected a wide range of sounds that would be emitted from my device depending on where i would hit the drum, a variety of ways i could pinch sounds together, and create my own drum melodies.

However, I was surprised when I opened the app and I was greeted by a bear bones drum, which upon tapping (thats how you play drums in this app) played a distinct bang, I would tap again, and the same bang came, no matter how much variety I may have been wanting, drum lovers are going to be upset to find only one sound can be played in this app, and its not a good one, an obvious creation of a development team that was in a hurry and stole it from a soundboard.

To make up for the lack of sounds from the drum, the app includes three other instruments, however, the effect with these are the same.

Overall, a very lazy attempt at an app creation, I do not recommend you download.

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