by Jack Weller on September 13, 2013


Dots is a simple puzzle game about connecting dots to each other. The games recent success has allowed its design company to come forward into the limelight, however, does the original app still manage to hold its ground in the popular category of try ad beta your best score game’s, or will it be flowing away from your mobile?

Dots is a simple game, with simple premises, connect as many of the same coloured dots you can, in either of the two game modes, timed, or limited turns. Every time you string some of the dots together you earn points which can be used on powerups, this is where one of the games strength’s lie. These powerups bring a bit of fun a flair to the genre, and allow this game to stand out in the crowd, finding a level difficult, or having to many of the same colour blocks but cant find a way to group them, simply use the remove colour powerup and watch you screen regenerate its pattern before your eyes.

There are also certain patterns you can try and implicate on screen when you join your dots up, creating any square, regardless of how big its boundaries are, will destroy all of the other same co0loure blocks on the score, earning you an extra point for each one, this helps you rack up the highest score possible, which truly is the funnest part about this already fun game. Beating an already high score after multiple attempts is a feeling that simply cant be overcome, and even then, you will want to keep playing and repeat this feat, over, and over again.

This replayability makes it an app you should really consider buying, with the only downfall being that this may not be attractive to people who have already had their fare share in addictive games.



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