Doodle Jump

by Jack Weller on October 12, 2013


Doodle Jump at release was probably in the running for one of the greatest apps ever made at launch, however, does the app still hold a place on your mobile device several years on, or has this golden oldies time come?

Doodle jump today can be seen as one of the most simplest games out there on the app store, being compatible with almost every mobile device, and an easy to use control scheme makes it perhaps overly simple. However, when this app was released onto the apple store in 2009, this ‘simply’ wasn’t the case.

Infact, the app was one of the ‘first of a kind’ games to make use of the iPhones gyroscope features, as tilting the device was initially the only control used, which would tilt your on screen doodle side to side, in an attempt to try and bounce him off one of the many different types of platforms. The aim of the game was to climb as high as possible, which may initially seem like an easy task, however, as the distance you climb increases, the number of platforms to bounce off decrease’s. The goal,  beat your previous scores, and any of those that your friends had set.

The easy to learn game as since become a powerhouse of its own, as since that initial release, dosens of features and updates have been implemented onto the game, which includes different themes which alter the cosmetics of the game, and new abilities and powerups.

With this all in mind, it allows the app to stay at the top of the pile.


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