Dont Touch the spikes

by Jack Weller on July 30, 2014

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Dont touch the spikes is a new free game from the creators of 2048! Will it live up to the success of its predecessor? Read about it here!

First there was the doodle jump type games, then there was angry bird type games, then there were flappy bird type games…

It seems to me it is also now the time for Bouncy Ninja type Games. Dont touch the spikes play nearly identical for to Bouncy Ninja, so for information on that, we suggest you read our review for that app here:

What we can comment on now however is how beautiful the app looks. The creators of 2048 certainly did a fine job with the decals in their famous hit, and that continues over and is reflected nicely here, with a protagonist that looks like flappy bird grown up with a little extra bounce in his wings.

We couldent fault the app in anyway, so if your a fan of these type of games right now, download it asap.


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