Dog Whistle

by Jack Weller on May 5, 2014


Dog Whistle is a free iOS app which can be picked up on the iTunes store, the app allows you to create a custom dog wistle by altering setting within the app. Will it whistle its way onto your mobile?

Let me just say this first, this app is not for everybody, and what I mean by that, is if you haven’t got a dog, there’s no point in getting the app, seeing as it resolves around having a dog (the clue is in the name of it *Dog* Whistle.)

Now we have that covered I can begin to tell you about the app, Dog Whistle is an extremely simple utility app which allows the user to tweak and customise a on screen dog whistle by changing the frequency of the noise a dog whistle makes – which is high pitch, and changing the audio pattern.

You can also choose from a selection of set load-outs, which is useful for people who dont like meddling with settings. The layout and the look of the app is also eye-pleasing.

However, there is definitely room for improvement, the app has no featuere to save the customised dog whistle, whihc is disapointing if you find something you like.

If you need a dog whistle however, you will find nothing better.


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