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by Karthik on November 13, 2007 · 1 comment

vectormagic-featureDo you have old photographs that you took long time back when you were on a vacation. Have a look at them now, don’t they look Pixelated and I guess they are at low resolutions. try resizing them, and you will see that they look even more horrible than they were before.

Well worry no more because Folks from Stanford university have the solution. A free website called VectorMagic takes your raster images and turns them into smooth vector drawings.

If you are wondering what the difference between the two really is.. Well, Raster Images are the images that we use almost everyday and they can’t be resized without losing quality, whereas when it comes to Vector images, they can be resized to virtually anything without any loss in quality.

There are other software that do the same job, but they come at a price, and the simple Online option to process your images looks compelling enough. VectorMagic‘s algorithms do an amazing job of translating photographs into realistic vectors ‘ something other software choke on.

So have your images processed over at VectorMagic and give your photos a fresh lease of life, and enlarge them to your heart’s wish and take some nice glossy prints of them.

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