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by Karthik on July 27, 2008 · 7 comments

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Wow, what a weekend its been!! Incase you somehow missed it, Dailyapps was celebrating its first birthday yesterday and we wanted to celebrate the birthday with you guys.. Thanks to a few sponsors :( we had a few goodies to giveaway to you guys. Many of you have already entered the giveaway, but for those who haven’t there still some time left.

Remember you have till 11PM EST tomorrow (28th July) to get yourself entered in the giveaway. After that the celebrations will end, and I will contact the winners. In all the prizes are valued at nearly 3500$!! Here’s a quick roundup of what we are giving away and a link back to the sponsors who have generously offered the prize :)

Please make sure you read the instructions carefully for each giveaway. Also if you read my first post mentioning the Birthday you must have read that I mentioned there is a surprise thrown in as well for good measure.

I won’t reveal what the surprise is at the moment, but to be eligible for the prize you need to comment on this post and answer the questions I’ve asked in the post. Not really all that difficult I guess.

For all those smart users, I am pretty sure you can work out the surprise yourself, so get yourself down to guessing the prize. The first person to guess the prize right will win something as well. You can have your guesses as comments on this post itself.

Its not all over yet.. The weekend has been really special for me, and as there is still time left for the giveaway (Ends at 11 PM EST tomorrow that’s 28th July), I’d like many more people to enter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed out giveaway extravaganza and can’t wait to make some of you winners tomorrow!

Thanks a ton for being a part of Dailyapps Birthday celebrations’

Hopefully the next year I can do something bigger and better.. Till the next birthday the only thing I need to do is of course write the special content that all you guys have come to like over the past year.

Wish me luck for the coming year :)

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