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by Jack Weller on September 24, 2013


Hello guys, here are daily apps we are pleased to share with you our first every windows 8 app review, so please enjoy reading through this article and reading the review, thank you!

Daily horoscopes is one of the simplest apps that horoscope lovers, or even people only just getting into the horoscope craze, could get. The app is name holds up to its promise, just like this site, and releases a different horoscope daily as we do with our apps, every different one of the 12 zodiac signs has a new one everyday.

That’s all there is to the app, however, with windows 8, no horoscope app comes with it, and this is the simplest and most to the point one I’ve found. There are a couple of extra¬†little quirky features this app bears, such as the criteria’s that your persona should match depending on your star symbol, but other then that, don’t go looking for anything but the bare bones basics with this.

A good app that I would suggest as an essential for horoscope beginners or people who need the feature with a limited amount of space on there computer.


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