12 Apps of Christmas: App 5

by Jack Weller on December 15, 2013


Cookie Clicker is a click-based app game for the iOS and Android devices in which the player must create as many cookies as possible by repeatedly clicking the oversized cookie placed in the center. As the game progresses, the player may trade in their cookies for upgrades to increase the output without additional clicks. Once users reach certain cookie milestones, the message on the top of the page changes.

The game resolves around baking cookies, and spending said cookies on upgrades that help you bake even more cookies. At first you have to do it by hand – click the screen, bake a cookie.

…and that’s it. At first. Just a slowly incrementing click counter and a weird grandma selling seemingly pointless upgrades. There’s no indication of what it’s all for, or if it’s even leading to anything.

But here’s the thing -  Cookie Clicker is a game of furiously tapping on the screen. But after a few upgrades  the game is suddenly generating 5 or maybe even 10 cookies per second, all on its own. It feels great. It feels like compound interest. You don’t need to click anymore! You’ve start to make progress,that is until, you see the price of the next upgrade.

As un-compelling as this may all sound, whilst being prehaps pointless (there is no inclination to why all this is happening) it creates a quite addictive experience. Try this out.

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