Colorize Black and White Photos using Recolored

by Karthik on July 29, 2007 · 0 comments

How Many times did you wish that you could recolor your old collection of black and white photos? But thought that, it was not possible. Well not anymore, with Recolored you can recolor black and white photos to shiny new color photos. Sounds interesting then read on,

Now you might be wondering how on earth is that thing possible. Traditionally recoloring was done by hand and it involved a lot of hardwork and time. But not anymore..

Recolored uses sophisticated algorithms to process digital images, but it needs some help to complete the process. Using brush strokes the user indicates which colors different objects in the image should have. The graphical user interface sports several tools and functions that helps the user draw strokes and select fitting colors in an efficient manner. When the user is done the software takes over and propagates the colors from the brush strokes into the rest of the image. Recolored uses the grayscale intensities from the original to accurately blend in colors, and it takes care to mix colors appropriately near object boundaries.

Recolored supports all the popular image formats like jpeg, png, bmp etc.. Here are some screenshots for you to ponder over..

Jet Black and WhiteJet Recolored

Photo Frame Black and WhitePhoto Frame Recolored

Recolored is a 21day trial software and can be downloaded from here.

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